How do rankings work?

Rankings do not accurately reflect every choir's abilities and their natural talents, and remember that a 'ranking', or winning for that matter, is not the most important thing! No system can be 100% correct, and please remember to have fun, make friends with other choirs, and to perform to the best of your abilities! The ranking system works as follows:

Grand Champion: 100 points

1 Runner Up: 90 points

2 Runner Up: 80 points

3 Runner Up: 70 points

4 Runner Up: 60 points

5 Runner Up: 50 points

No Placment / 6-RU: 0 points

Best Choreography/Visuals/Showmanship: 12 points

Best Vocals/Musicianship: 15 points

      These point totals are then added and averaged by the number of competitions attended. In order to qualify for a ranking spot, a choir must attend at least 3 competitions or they will be disqualified from the final rankings.

       Premier Event points will be added for choirs that compete at competitions deemed to be "premier status", as deemed by the NSCRS Premier Competition committee. These events are voted on by the committee each week to be the toughest competitions across the nation. 

      Criteria include: A specific competition has 2 or more groups that typically win GC or are placed in the top 25 regularly. Only a small percentage of competitions will be deemed a Premier Event. Each choir that competes at a Premier Competition will be awarded 3 additional points during that specific week before averaging points.

        In the event of a final tie, it is broken by looking at the records of awards in this order over points: Grand Champion records, Best Vocals, then Best Choreography - ties will be broken after final rankings are posted. 

        After ties are broken, choirs are awarded Achievement Bonus points. Achievement points are awarded based on the choirs you actually competed against. For each choir a group defeated which was ranked in the top 10 before Achievement points are added, the choir will receive 7 additional points before average per choir/time, and for each choir ranked from 11 - 25, the choir will receive 5 additional points.

        Note that for rankings, only placements or competitions in which a group participated in a TIER I competition will be counted towards rankings. Tier II or Tier III do not count towards competitions competed in and will not help or hurt a group in rankings. If a Tier II or Tier III group places in Finals, however, then they are entered into the system and are eligible for a ranking position. This also applies to unisex groups. Also note that these rankings, or any ranking system, does not accurately reflect the talent and skills of any choir, and should not be used for betting or personal gain. Choirs should participate in Show Choir for the joy of performing and not simply to win. Rankings are usually updated by Tuesday or Wednesday following a competition.

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